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Valentine’s Date Night in Kansas City

Valentine’s Day is just 4 short days away! Can you believe it? I feel like the year is already flying by. I usually don’t look forward to Valentine’s Day, but this year I am because I have someone special to spend it with. Regardless if you have a significant other or plan on spending the day with friends; I have the perfect activity for those of you who live in Kansas City. The Museum of Good Vibes is here in Kansas City February 8-14 with a series of Valentine’s Day themed exhibits! You can find it in the Westport Event Space located at 427 Westport Road Kansas City, MO 64111.

Museum of Good Vibes is a series of fun, interactive experiences that are designed to be shareable, to inspire creativity, and to bring joy and good vibes to everyone who visits. Visitors will throw confetti, swim through a ball pit, get lost in a streamer forest, and encounter a few surprises along the way! –Museum of Good Vibes

Tickets are $12 per person, but you have to get them quick because there are limited amounts of tickets for each time slot.

Jeff and I both have been fighting off this nasty cold all week so we were excited to finally feel better and be able to get out of the house. When we got to the museum we checked in and were told to wait for the group ahead of us to finish their session. They had all the supplies you could think of to create Valentine’s cards out in the entryway, which I thought was the perfect way to keep the guests entertained while waiting. Jeff and I both made a card and right when we finished, it was our turn to enter. I was instantly taken back by all the different backdrops and props they had out because they were all so adorable. The options for picture taking were endless. Jeff and I both had an amazing time and highly recommend others to go. The pop-up is only here until Valentine’s Day so don’t miss your chance!! If you end up going, leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite part was.



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