24 Hours in Chicago

Last weekend Jeff and I flew to Chicago to visit his family. We planned to stay in the city Friday and do all the touristy stuff, while we spent the rest of the weekend out in the suburbs. We arrived at the Midway airport around 10:30 AM, so we had an early start on the day. The one activity I was certain about doing, was going to the sky deck in Willis Tower. I always went to Chicago as a kid, but I had never done that specific activity. I believe it was only 2 degrees outside when we arrived, which to our luck scared off a good majority of the tourists in the city. Jeff’s mother, Laura, picked us up from the airport and we headed straight to Willis Tower. It was just a quick 15 minute drive. We parked at the parking garage a block away, which felt much farther when walking through the harsh cold Chicago wind. We purchased our tickets, which were $25 per person (little pricey), and then we were up on the 103rd floor in no time. The elevator goes up 103 floors in 90 seconds, which is 16 feet per second.


When you step off the elevator you instantly see big windows all around to see the beautiful Chicago skyline out of. We walked up to the line for the sky deck and it took about 2 minutes of waiting time before it was our turn. When we stepped into the glass we were instructed that we had 60 seconds to take the pictures we wanted before it is the next groups turn. We felt super under pressure that we just took a few pictures and then got back in line to try again. You are allowed to wait in line for another turn as many times as you want, just as long as you don’t take more than 60 seconds each time you enter the sky deck.

10749757984_IMG_248710749875168_IMG_247710749747312_IMG_2490It was a bit scary stepping out on to the glass because you start to realize how high up you are. Since it was so cold outside, the bottom of the glass was covered with frost and it was freezing to sit down on the glass. Jeff insisted on me recording him jumping in the glass box, which gave me so much anxiety watching. Luckily everything was okay! But I gotta say I think going to the sky deck was worth the price. It was so much fun and it was great to see the beautiful Chicago skyline from high in the sky.10749755184_IMG_2511-2.jpg10749886016_IMG_246710749767968_IMG_2470Once we were done with the sky deck, we were starving! Jeff insisted that I need to eat a Chicago dog to get more of the Chicago experience. We headed over to Portillo’s to get one of their famous hot dogs!

“Chicago-style hot dog with everything, which includes mustard, relish, celery salt, freshly chopped onions, sliced red ripe tomatoes, kosher pickle and sport peppers piled onto a perfectly steamed poppy seed bun. Chicagoans call this “dragging the dog through the garden.” Portillo’s

IMG_3495IMG_3492.jpgI honestly did not think I was going to like it, but it seriously was so good! All of the different flavors just work well together. I have been thinking about hot dogs ever since (weird, I know). It was a great meal and it didn’t break the bank. We were so full and felt dirty from the airport, so we headed to Laura’s house so we could freshen up. Once we were done unpacking and all freshen up, it was time to meet up with Jeff’s father for dinner in Arlington Heights.IMG_3635IMG_3576I’m sad that I don’t really have any good pictures from the dinner, but we went to Salsa 17 and it was delicious! It was an upscale Mexican restaurant with a modern feel. We started off with some guac and chips and the guacamole was made right at our table. Talk about fresh! I usually am not a fan of guacamole, but their guac was amazing! Jeff and I both ordered the Carne Asada and we honestly could have split 1 order because it came with so much food (all of the meal proportions are pretty big). Once we were finished with dinner we headed out to the suburbs, away from the city for the rest of the weekend. It was a nice 24 hours spent in the city and I cannot wait to return for the 4th of July. If you have any suggestions on restaurants or things to do, please leave a comment!!

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