Weekend Recap of Kansas City

This weekend Jeff and I made the decision to spend no money. With the holidays fastly approaching, we are trying to pinch our pennies as much as we can so that we can holiday shop stress free. With that being said, we still wanted to get out of the house, but only do free activities. I am going to break down everything that we did this weekend and how we achieved spending $0.


Saturday we met up with Jeff’s roommate Alex and went Frolfing. For those of you who have never heard of Frolfing before, it is essentially golf, but with Frisbees instead of golf balls. Players throw small frisbees with the goal of landing a disk into a basket in as few throws as possible. We went to the course at Rosedale Park. It is completely free and there are two different courses.


On our way to the park we passed by the Kauffman Memorial Garden and we decided to make a pit stop. We noticed that new flowers were planted near the entrance so we thought it may be worth it to check out if there had been any changes made. Although there weren’t really any roses left, they had beautiful fall colored flowers planted all around the big fountain/sculpture in the back. The famous cat that lives in the garden was sleeping on a bench inside and was very happy when I started petting her. I have never met such a laid back cat ever before! There is a sign that says not to feed the cat because she is very well fed so I guess the cat loves the attention from all people! The Kauffman Memorial Garden is definitely a hidden gem in Kansas City.



Sunday Jeff and I went to the River Market to walk around and see what all the locals were selling. You can find a variety of things to purchase there, from bouquets to little nick knacks. There are many different types of restaurants within the market as well if you are wanting to eat your way through. Jeff and I love going to this little nick knack store in the market because there is a little bit of everything in there. It is the best place to go if you are looking to buy stocking stuffers for Christmas. We love going in there and seeing all the new little nick knacks that get put out.


After we were done walking around the River Market, we started driving home and we noticed these new huge murals that were right off the highway. As soon as we saw them we immediately got off the highway and made it a mission to find its location. We were easily able to get to it and we had a fun little pit stop. It’s always fun seeing the new art that people paint around the city.


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  1. That sure was a “fat” cat! I did not get to see the cat when I was there Labor Day weekend. Maybe the cat was on vacation?🐱

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