48 Hour Denver Trip


Back in May when Jeff and I first started dating we made plans to make a trip to Colorado to see my favorite artist ZHU perform at Red Rocks. Due to how much I have been traveling this year, I racked up enough airline, hotel, and car rental points that our trip was virtually free minus food and trip extras. We have been really looking forward to taking our first vacation together. Colorado did not disappoint and I think Jeff and I packed in as much as we could in 48 hours.



We arrived in Denver early afternoon on Friday and went straight to our hotel, the Homewood-Suites right downtown at the convention center. It was a beautiful hotel and the service was wonderful. We could even see the mountains from our room! The only con was that we had to pay $42 a day for parking! We were not aware until we got there that we had to pay for parking. Other than that, the stay was great and the only thing we had to pay for was the parking. I would definitely recommend other people to stay there, especially if you are wanting the full downtown experience.


Jeff and I were able to walk to Henry’s Tavern right down the street and I had the best ham and cheese sandwich of my life. Although we weren’t drinking, we were fascinated that the restaurant had 100+ taps. If we had more time we definitely would have went back to grab a drink before we left.


Once we were done eating we went back to the hotel, freshened up, and then left for the concert. We got to  Red Rocks around 7:30, but didn’t actually get in till around 9. It was pretty dark when we got there, but I could still see a lot of the beautiful rocks that form the venue. The show was general admission so we had the ability to move forward or backwards if we pleased. We actually got pretty close for how late we got there so I was a happy camper! ZHU put on one hell of a show and it was a great end to the whole tour.


On Saturday we drove to Idaho Springs because we were planning on hiking up Mount Evans. When we got to the mountain we found out that the peak was closed. It got pretty cold Friday night so we are thinking it must have snowed and caused the closure. We still were able to drive up to almost 12,000 feet so we still think we got the full experience. The views were breathtaking. We even got to hike some too, but man was it hard to breath. The difference in elevation is no joke!!


After hiking and driving all day we were pretty tired so we got a quick bite to eat at a little mexican restaurant downtown. That made us even more tired so we called it a night after that. Our flight was at 7 Sunday morning so unfortunately we were not able to do anything else in Colorado. BUT I had a lovely vacation and I cannot wait to return. I highly recommend for everyone to go to Denver at least one time in their life. It is well worth the trip!


We are happy to be home, especially now that it looks like fall here in Kansas City. I will never get enough of these views.


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