My 5 Packing Tips

You guys! I just got back from Colorado yesterday and boy am I in love. The views were breathtaking, the air was so fresh and clean and every single person I encountered was very kind and welcoming. It was a short trip but I cherished every moment. While I was packing for this trip, I came to the realization that I have a foolproof packing system that I have developed over many years of traveling for fun and for work.  Enjoy! 🙂


Tip#1 Pack Light

I REFUSE to check my bag when I fly, so that means I have to pack light with a carry-on. In order to pack light I have to wear some items twice in order to save room in my luggage. Try packing items that are a part of the same color scheme, that way you can mix and match to create a new outfit with the same articles of clothing. You can check out what I packed for my trip at the bottom to give you an idea on how to achieve this goal.

Tip#2 Do Laundry 2 Days Before You Depart

Nothing is worse than being up late the night before your flight because you failed to plan ahead and didn’t have the necessary clothes washed and dried, this is especially true for delicates that require air drying. This causes unnecessary stress and lack of sleep. The airports and planes are FILLED with germs, your body needs to be on its A-game to be able to protect itself from bacteria. Stress decreases the body’s lymphocytes; the white blood cells that help fight off infection. The lower your lymphocyte level, the more at risk you are for catching viruses, including the common cold. Avoid the stress completely by doing your laundry 2 days before your departing flight.

Tip#3 Wear the Heaviest Items During Travel

A major way to save room in your luggage is by wearing the heaviest items as part of your travel outfit. Wear your jacket and boots on the plane. You can use your jacket as a blanket or a pillow if you don’t want to wear it during the flight, therefore serving a dual purpose. If you decide to check a bag, you have to keep your bag under 50 pounds in order to avoid penalty costs. Wearing your heaviest items helps you keep your luggage light.

Tip#4 Liquids Stay Together

I know you might want to put your mini lotion in your purse and some face wash to freshen up in the side pocket of your carry-on, but at the security line, it’s a pain to have to dig around all your luggage to pull out all the liquids. I keep all of my liquids in a see-through toiletry bag and keep it in my backback so that it is easy to pull out when walking through security. Think about these things while you are packing to save stress and annoyance.

Tip#5 Go Plastic, Never Fabric

Purchasing a nice quality carry-on with a hard shell is well worth the investment. Hard shell cases protect anything fragile and although most cases are not considered completely water resistant, hard shell luggage is much easier to keep dry in rain, snow, or puddles. It also provides better protection against general spills and accidents; the same is true for keeping the luggage clean. Softer cases can absorb water, and are more susceptible to stains and smells. If you plan to travel in the winter, or to more rugged locations, you will be better off with hard shell luggage.

What I Packed for Denver:

One pair of jeans
One dress
One tank top
One pair of leggings
Two sweaters
One heavy jacket
One pair of pajamas
One pair of hiking shoes
One pair of  sneakers
One pair of boots


Friday (Travel Day)

Outfit During the Day


Outfit During the Night




Sunday (Travel Day)



I would love to hear feedback if any of my tips help make a difference the next time you pack. Leave a comment below 🙂

5 thoughts on “My 5 Packing Tips

  1. Very informative! I will use these helpful hints when I am packing for my trip to Kansas City thanksgiving day. Can’t wait to see you both!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Especially wearing the heaviest item to travel in and doing laundry two days before. I’ve learned both of these lessons the hard way lol.

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