Top 10 Murals Around Kansas City

For anyone who knows me knows that I love exploring a city I’m visiting and capturing its essence. Better yet, I like to take sweet Instagram shots. You feel me? When I travel somewhere new, or if I want to play tourist in my own city, I like to find the hot spots to take pictures. Add some local art to your Instagram and social feeds with these 10 murals. Read on to get the scoop on each piece of street art and how to hunt it down.


#10 Wizard of Oz

Next to the Parlor at 1707 Locust St, Kansas City, Missouri


#9 Not in Kansas Anymore

1712 Holmes St, Kansas City, Missouri



#8 Mixed Emotions

On the side of the Parlor at 1707 Locust St, Kansas City, Missouri


#7 Head Within a Head

E 19th St & Cherry St, Kansas City, Missouri


#6 Psychedelic Pizza Cat

Location on the corner of Oak and 17th Street in Crossroads


#5 Baseball Tribute

On the northwest corner of The Paseo and E. 19th St. at 1832 The Paseo, Kansas City, Missouri


#4 Music in Color

To the right of Gem Theater at 1615 E 18th St, Kansas City, Missouri


#3 Space Woman

On the side of Locust Street Gallery almost on the corner of E 16th St and Locust St


#2 Tupac

Located between 17th and 18th Streets near Locust and Cherry, Art Alley


#1 I Love You Like a Summer Night

Behind Messenger Coffee at 1624 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, Missouri



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