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For the past two months I have not been traveling for work so I have had way more time to spend in Kansas City than usual. This break has finally given me the opportunity to explore the city I now call home. I have lived in Kansas City for the past 2 years, but I still feel like I don’t know much about the city. A friend at work mentioned that I should download the app Open Spaces; it is an app for a pop-up art exhibit happening here in Kansas City right now. The exhibition runs from August 25-October 28 and there are more than 40 contemporary art installations throughout Kansas City.

After doing more research I found out that Open Spaces is a collaboration between the City’s Office of Culture and Creative Services and a private arts initiative led by Kansas City philanthropist Scott Francis, to create an event that highlights Kansas City’s arts, culture and creativity, one of 10 goals included in the City’s Arts Convergence Plan, adopted by Mayor James and City Council in 2013. The public-private partnership includes the City of Kansas City, Missouri, a Founders Circle of large donors and arts leaders. Years of discussion and planning among community art leaders, artists, civic leaders, private donors and foundations, along with the visionary dedication of Francis and Mayor James, are credited for bringing Open Spaces to life.

Swope Park is considered the “hub” because it hosts majority of the exhibits scattered within the park and every weekend visitors can explore a variety of art offerings at the Village in Swope Park. I have only been able to see 8 of the exhibits, but I plan on seeing many more before it is over. It will take you a couple days to see all of the exhibits so no rush, you can pase yourself. The app makes it very easy to find the exhibits because it provides a map with all of the locations and you are able to get directions from the app as well.

I am in LOVE with this pop-up art exhibition and I hope some of the pieces stay here in Kansas City. The first time I went to the …called up exhibit there was a staff member providing maintenance to the site and I was able to ask him questions about the whole program. He told me that this is the first time Open Spaces was brought to Kansas City and they plan on bringing it back in a few years. If you are visiting in Kansas City before October 28 or if you live here, you HAVE to go check out this amazing pop-art exhibit before it is over!! If you would like to learn more about this exhibition please check out their website: Open Spaces KC . Leave a comment if you were able to check out any of the exhibits! I would love to hear about your thoughts and/or experiences.




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